graffiti and cakes

Saturday, 17 November 2012

I was on the computer and Leila was on the sofa playing with my iPad. We had just come home from Leila's Stage Coach lessons. From nowhere a little voice said "you know mummy, we could go out for a photo shoot." So i grabbed my camera and we headed out. There's an underpass that crosses under Sunbury Cross roundabout. I am always stuck in traffic on this roundabout and I've often gazed down at the graffiti walls and thought it would be an interesting place to take photos. It was once a dreary underpass that the council decided to dress up with graffiti art, most likely to stop unwarranted 'graffiti' and 'tags.'

It was loads of fun, we got a lot of smiles and strange looks from passersby! When we got home, as a treat i gave Leila a hot chocolate and a slice of the homemade cake we made on Thursday. As she tucked in she sighed and said "i don't know why you're so tired, I'm the one who did all the work!" :)

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