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Sunday, 23 December 2012

I come across this advice often, but here it is in Chase Jarvis's own words 'you have to take a lot of pictures, and the more pictures you take, the better your pictures are going to be.' So even on an unexceptional day at home i just take photos to keep up the practice.

A great tip i picked up today was from Bambi Cantrell (@ about 1:10) "the first thing i do when i walk in to a room is that i take my hand up and i start looking at the shadow areas on my hand as i walk round the helps me to see where i want to place my subject in relation to the light source." 

I'm always trying to learn more about this mystical 'seeing light.' This explanation from Ben Langdon unlocked the meaning for me:

"You hear photographers talking about light all the time. There are lots of different types of light and ways in which to use it and people talk about learning to see the light. Which when you first hear it sounds ridiculous, but is one of the keys to good photography. It’s really about understanding where your light is coming from in any given situation, how it’s falling and then you can choose how to use it."

I also recently bought Redleaf Studios Basic Lighting Guide which I'm reading at the moment and so far I'm finding it a very practical and easy to follow read.

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