Monday, 10 December 2012

I don't pose Leila, sometimes i just tell her where to stand and let her do her own thing for two reasons - i don't want taking photos to be a chore for her - "no honey that's not the right smile try that again." Where's the fun in that? Secondly i feel like if i let her do what she feels naturally her personality will come through. 'One size does not fit all' this is just what works best for me with Leila.

So she tends to be either leaping up and down like a loon or staring straight and serious at the camera like a Victorian portrait. And that's her personality crazy and funny and full of life, but sometimes she is serious and thoughtful and sensitive and shy.

I thought a Holga/Lomo style red light leak effect would play well with the green of this playground tunnel. Initially i trawled Google looking for a a light leak Photoshop Action but nothing was quite right. So i played around with the gradient tool in Photoshop and i think i prefer this softer effect.

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