Sunday, 6 January 2013

My aim for this year is to call upon friends and family for photo shoots to move one step further... towards what I'm not sure yet, but i do know I would like a new challenge like trying my hand at a photo shoot. And so I thought I'd scout some locations for said future shoots at a nearby forest park.

These were the only two shots i managed to take, early on when we arrived, just metres from the car park. Thereafter she bowed her head and pouted, and that put an end to anymore photos. Still my main aim was to scout a location rather than take photos, and this was forest was beautiful, so overall it was a successful trip.

The scenery and trees made me want a tilt shift lens so much more in terms of trying something a bit more creative. I found this really great video that breaks down how a tilt/shift lens works.

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Madeleine said...

This location looks amazing! Im so jealous. Not to many green forests to choose from here in :/ Im going back to see my family in Europe this summer.. cant wait to take photos of my girls in wild flowery fields and green forests.

And Ive been meaning to ask you (ever since I first saw your photos om momtog a while back), if you would do an photo editing tutorial? I just love the "dark" touch to your photos..

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