Where are the poppy fields in Surrey?

Friday, 12 July 2013

I've been searching for luscious fields of poppies everywhere. After some extensive arm chair searching I learnt that in 2012 there was such a field just off the A3 motorway at the Ripley/Send turn off. So on one of the hottest days of the Summer armed with a Sat Nav and some determination I set off. Two hours later in seething hot traffic - thanks Mr. Jack Knifed the Lorry - I arrived in Send and confronted with fields and farmland and little country lanes I realised the ridiculousness of my quest. I had no idea where to go! I drove around aimlessly and had just about given up when i happened upon a tiny field with a small scattering of poppies. The sign said public foot path but the chained gate indicated that it was perhaps private property, still I'd come all this way, i meant no harm, and i would be very very quick. I only managed these few, Willa had fallen asleep, who could blame her, and and she wasn't playing ball. Not even the promise of ice cream could raise a smile.

Hopefully i will have better luck at my next destination Mayfield Lavender.....

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