Surrey Portrait Photography: Polesden Lacey

Friday, 15 November 2013


Madeleine said...

Hi, I remember you telling us you invested in a tilt shift lens earlier this year. Im thinking about asking for one for christmas :) Do you like it? How much do you use it? Is it hard getting used to? THANK YOU!

amelia bowron said...

Hi Madeleine, so sorry for not replying sooner, i've only just seen your comment! Yes i have the Canon 45mm tilt shift on my 7D and its one of my favourite lenses. By pure coincidence i used it today on a shoot, i'll be posting the photos shortly.

I like the focal length on my crop sensor but i've used the lens on a 5D iii and its much easier because the LCD screen is bigger and clearer. It's a manual focus lens so I tend to use the image magnifyer in live mode to get focus, for example I compose the frame then i magnify the eyes and then focus. It does have a steep learning curve and can be frustrating in the beginning but it's really worth it because when you nail it the look is fantastic and so I've never regretted buying it. I try to use it at least once during a photo shoot but i wouldn't shoot a whole session with it. When i was looking at buying this lens i found this vimeo video extremely helpful in explaining how it works, cut and paste the vimeo link:

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